Posted by: daustinbal | January 9, 2010

Stunning Ring Pepper Defense

The  following is a story how the Stunning Ring was used.

I hope you never find yourself in the situation of the owner of a
small restaurant in Chicago.

She was closing up her restaurant about 10 pm one night and was
starting her 10 minute walk to where her car was parked.  She was
a little concerned, because she had heard on the radio that
evening that a convicted serial rapist escaped from prison and
was last seen only 4 blocks from her restaurant.

She had recently purchased a Stunning Ring Pepper Spray and kept
it in herpurse.  She decided to take it out and put it on for the
walk to her car.

As she rounded the corner of a building, a man stepped into her
path and asked if she had $5.00 because he was hungry.

She attempted to go around him, but he grabbed her arm.  She
immediately shoved her left hand in his face and triggered the
Stunning Ring.

A blast of pepper spray went up his nose and in his eyes.  He
immediately let go of her and started rubbing at his eyes.  She
had plenty of time to get to her car and call the police on her
cell phone.

The guy who attacked her was not the escaped convict.

This made her realize (and you should realize also) that you
should not wait for a escaped serial rapist before getting
something to defend yourself.  You never know when you could be
the next target of some jerk.

For your safety,

Douglas Austin

P.S.  Doug, you can get your own Stunning Ring protection at


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